Innovazione e ambiente - n° 4 / 2013
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
    Sezione dedicata a chi vuole trovare un partner per collaborazioni tecnologiche in ambito europeo (fonte: Enterprise Europe Network - EEN). 

    Titolo: integratori nutrizionali
    Richiesta di cooperazione: accordo di distribuzione
    Descrizione: A Spanish company specialized in distribution of nutritional supplements is offering distribution agreements (distribution on the Spanish market), for dietary products, nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics, etc., however, other related products can be considered.

    Titolo: educazione alimentare per bambini
    Richiesta di cooperazione: ricerca fornitura e distribuzione
    Descrizione: Israeli company that specializes in development of nutrition education tools for toddlers and their parents is looking for subcontractors and distributors in the US and EU. The company requires a partner to manufacture its plastic products and provide package and shipping services. It is also looking for a distributor to distribute/market its products to Institutional customers (Ministries of Health and Education, Municipalities, HMOs) or retailers.

    Titolo: salute e nutrizione
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di subfornitura
    Descrizione: A French company specialized in the scientific and regulatory expertise in nutrition and health proposes its subcontracting activity to agro-food companies from all countries of Europe. The company masters all the key skills in nutrition and health and has a unique dual expertise academic and industrial - thanks to its experience acquired both in the world of scientific research and at the heart of staple agro-business companies.

    Titolo: alimentazione sportiva e integratori
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di consulenza e di rappresentanza
    Descrizione: Spanish company specialized in sport nutrition and nutritional supplements, seeks a consulting firm to subcontract advisory services, in France and Italy market. The Spanish company also looks for a trade intermediary service (agent or representative) for the distribution of the brand in Italy and France (vitamins, proteins, creatine, sports drinks, etc.).

    Titolo: sviluppo di cibi funzionali ad alto valore nutritivo
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: A Slovenian company is engaged in the development of functional foods. These are foods that are rich in nutrition and have proven positive effects on human health and wellbeing. They have developed technology of bioencapsulation of functional components, which enables elegant solutions in the development of foods with added value. In addition to R&D activities for the needs of the functional food market they also manufacture products in cooperation with producers of food products under private label. For their customers they have developed functional water, green tea leaf mints, crystallized citrus powders, and the first "healthy" chips from legumes. Company is looking for sales partners and distributors especially in the EU, North America and in the emerging markets. They are offering an exclusive agreement for distributors in target countries.

    Titolo: prodotti naturali da apicoltura
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di distribuzione e di subfornitura
    Descrizione: A young Romanian company, located in the North-West Transylvania, is active in the field of collection and processing of bee products and production of nutritional supplements and therapeutic products. The company is producing and selling natural products such as: honey, pollen, propolis, Royal Jelly, propolis tincture, different types of honey (with goji, hazelnut, walnut, almond, vanilla, cinnamon, hemp seeds, amaranth, etc.) as well as different sprays (throat spray for kids, spray to treat hemorrhoids, etc.). The Romanian company is also producing a special product: extract of propolis in water. The Romanian company is looking for foreign distributors. For companies active in the same field of activity, the Romanian company is offering its services as subcontractor or reciprocal production; merger or exchange of shares could also be an interesting co-operation for the Romanian company.

    Paesi Bassi
    Titolo: prodotti per la cura del corpo e l’alimentazione sportiva
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di distribuzione
    Descrizione: Dutch supplier of sports nutrition and body care products with a high-end quality that accelerate recovery after a workout or a competition is looking for distributors in Italy and the Scandinavian countries. Products are used by famous sportsmen nationally and internationally and by the National Olympic Teams. The end-user is the active athlete as well as everyone with an active lifestyle. Products are sold in specialty stores for endurance sports such as running and cycle racing. This SME can also provide custom products made to customer specification.

    Titolo: integratori alimentari naturali
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: A German company specializes in the sale of dietary supplements from natural ingredients. These are juice concentrates that are diluted with water to be taken daily. The company is selling to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors naturopaths, nutritions and physiotherapists and is offering trade intermediary services to companies with supplementary goods from other European country.

    Titolo: tecnologie per la preservazione delle coltivazioni di castagne
    Richiesta di cooperazione: cooperazione tecnica, accordo commerciale
    Descrizione: The Municipality of a Turkish City where biggest chestnut production of Turkey takes place is looking for innovative technologies for the valorization and preservation of chestnut. The Municipality will lead the companies of the city to integrate the mentioned type of technologies and create more value-added chestnut products. The Municipality is looking for license agreements as well as joint venture agreements and technical cooperation opportunities.

    Regno Unito
    Titolo: tecnologia alternativa ai solfiti
    Richiesta di cooperazione: collaborazione tecnica, accordo di licenza
    Descrizione: A UK food and drinks manufacturer is seeking an alternative to the use of sulfites in the prevention of discolouring for a range of fruit-based products. The solution sought may be an alternative additive or a novel processing or packaging technology. License agreements or technical cooperation agreements are offered.

    Titolo: soluzione per la rimozione dell’agro dai cibi
    Richiesta di cooperazione: collaborazione tecnologica
    Descrizione: An international group based in France and specialized in agrofood industry is looking for new and highly effective food-grade ingredients or technologies which modulate or remove the perception of sour taste caused by the presence of organic acids in food matrices. The company is looking for any type of cooperation.

    Titolo: tecnologia per combattere l’obesità e i disordini associati
    Richiesta di cooperazione: accordo di licenza
    Descrizione: A Spanish public research organization has patented a strain of the genus Bacteroides, with beneficial properties to prevent and treat obesity and the associated disorders (e.g. metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc). It can also contribute to the normal immune function, reducing inflammation and improving the defences against infections. The strain can be applied in pharmaceutical formulations and nutritional supplements. Industrial partners to exploit this technology under a license are sought.

    Titolo: sistemi di dosaggio per polveri
    Richiesta di cooperazione: accordo commerciale con assistenza tecnica
    Descrizione: A French SME is manufacturing precise automated systems of dosing/weighing for powders and ingredients in the sectors of the food processing industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemistry and animal nutrition. The SME has developed a strong know-how in powders dosing (from 3 mg up to 30 tons) and offers turnkey solutions including packaging (design, manufacturing and installation of equipment into the industrial lines). The SME is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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