Innovazione - n° 6 / 2013
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
    Sezione dedicata a chi vuole trovare un partner per collaborazioni tecnologiche in ambito europeo (fonte: Enterprise Europe Network - EEN). 

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    Regno Unito
    Titolo: composti chimici organici
    Richiesta di cooperazione: accordo commerciale
    Descrizione: A UK company provides contract services and offers an extensive catalogue of 42,500+ organic chemical compounds to companies in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotechnology sector. It is seeking partners to whom (1) it can outsource technical testing and research work related to the organic synthesis of chemical compounds. (2) who can act as agents/ representatives throughout Europe to promote its contract services and chemical compounds catalogue collection to new customers.

    Regno Unito
    Titolo: distribuzione di prodotti chimici
    Richiesta di cooperazione: acquisizione di altre aziende di distribuzione
    Descrizione: Leading UK-based distributor of specialty chemicals is interested in acquiring established chemical distribution companies based elsewhere in Europe. The company is a leading, global distributor of specialty chemicals to the personal care, homecare, industrial & institutional cleaning and pharmaceutical industries. It represents leading chemical ingredient manufacturers, as well as ambitious market pioneers who can offer novel and unique products 

    Titolo: vernici e sistemi di copertura
    Richiesta di cooperazione: ricerca fornitori
    Descrizione: A Swedish company trading with paint and coating systems, release agents and chemicals as well as coatings for furniture foils is looking for new products and suppliers of chemicals within the EU. The Swedish company is selling only to the industry and is interested in above mentioned products for the industrial sector..

    Titolo: prodotti chimici e fertilizzanti
    Richiesta di cooperazione: joint venture, coproduzione
    Descrizione: A Polish producer of chemicals and fertilizers is both offering and looking for joint venture, reciprocal production or sole investment in the Special Economic Zone - Subzone Pulawy. The joint venture might be a cooperation with entrepreneur who would like to invest in the area of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) - Subzone Pulawy. The partner might be a producer of chemicals using the products, utilities, infrastructure of the Polish company in order to downstream own production or a potential investor not related to chemical production.

    Titolo: distribuzione di prodotti chimici polimerici
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: Recently-established Russian company (Yaroslavl region) involved in distribution of chemical products and supplying chemicals (polymeric raw materials) for enterprises of Yaroslavl region and neighboring regions offers trade intermediary services. The company is looking for suppliers of high-quality equipment for production of polymeric products. Also the company offers joint venture creation and franchise activities (foundation a representative office of the foreign manufacturers of chemicals for its introducing on the Russian market).

    Titolo: prodotti chimici e materie prime per il settore industriale
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di distribuzione
    Descrizione: Spanish company specialized in the distribution of chemical products and raw materials for the industrial sector is offering trade intermediary services (distribution). They are interested in Tunisia, Italy and Portugal. This company distributes chemical products and raw materials for the industrial sector: paints, inks, rubbers, plastics, refractories, abrasives and agrochemicals. They have a quality policy, two quality certificates (ISO9000 and ISO14000) and belong to an association for the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

    Titolo: prodotti chimici speciali su specifica del cliente
    Richiesta di cooperazione: servizi di intermediazione commerciale, joint venture, subfornitura
    Descrizione: A German (Bavarian) company, specialized in trading with and contract manufacturing of rare chemicals according to customers' needs, globally active, is looking for trade intermediary services, joint-ventures and/or subcontracting/outsourcing activities. The enterprise also offers these services for foreign enterprises. All kind of cooperation including R&D could be discussed.

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