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    Titolo: tecnologia per la produzione di un collettore solare termico
    Richiesta di collaborazione: accordi di collaborazione tecnica
    Descrizione:  A Greek company is looking for companies with innovative and performing technologies related to solar tracking, electric motors, Fresnel lens production, design, manufacturing of such product in order to improve existing design of solar thermal collector. They are seeking a technical collaboration agreement.

    Titolo: tecnologia per la lavorazione orizzontale dei metalli
    Richiesta di collaborazione: accordi commerciali con assistenza tecnica
    Descrizione: Polish company active in automation and robotics of chemical, automotive, textile and food sectors is looking for technology for horizontal machining of metal. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

    Titolo: processo di miglioramento delle immagini basato sul rilevamento dei bordi e diffusione anisotropa
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner industriali per la concessione di licenze o collaborazione tecnica
    Descrizione: An Andalusian research group developed a hardware device that enables image improvement by means of edge detection and smoothing of homogeneous areas. Each pixel is represented by a voltage value proportional to the light intensity at that point and subsequently compared with the voltage values of neighbouring pixels. This enables developing artificial vision systems with applications in robotics, surveillance and navigation aids. They seek industrial partner for licensing or technical cooperation.

    Titolo: sistema di parcheggio automatizzato con tecnologia robotica
    Richiesta di collaborazione: collaborazione tecnica, accordo di produzione o accordo commerciale
    Descrizione: Greek company specialising in the design and manufacturing of standardized and customized elevators and escalators, is looking for partners to cooperate in order to develop new technology for automated car parking systems powered by electric motors or hydraulic pumps. The company is interested in concluding a technical cooperation and a manufacturing agreement as well as a commercial agreement with other companies with relevant expertise and know how.

    Titolo: metal detector professionali e scanner a raggi X
    Richiesta di collaborazione: distributori esclusivi per commercializzazione e vendita
    Descrizione: A Slovenian company is looking for distributors for exclusive marketing and sale of professional technical metal detectors x-ray scanners, electromagnetic fields (EMF) detectors and accessories in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Titolo: barriere automatiche di sollevamento e tornelli
    Richiesta di collaborazione: contratti di distribuzione commerciale
    Descrizione: French manufacturer of top range automatic lifting barriers and turnstiles for access control seeks a distributor well introduced in the access control sector for car parks, bridges and tunnels in your country. Capacity to install products and to provide after sales maintenance would be an advantage.

    Titolo: giroscopio MEMS
    Richiesta di collaborazione: accordi commerciali con partner industriali per lo sviluppo della tecnologia
    Descrizione: A Swedish Research Institute has developed a high performance MEMS gyro component, well suited for motion tracking and sensing. Typical applications are unmanned vehicles (UAV, ROV, UGV), inertial navigation, human and animal motion, industrial measurement, home appliance, mobile phones and toys. They are looking for commercial agreements with industrial partners for implementation of the technology. Technical support is included for easy integration in the partner's product.

    Titolo: sistemi informatici ad alte prestazioni
    Richiesta di collaborazione: collaborazione con partner industriali e di ricerca nel l’ambito di accordi commerciali con assistenza tecnica
    Descrizione: A Dutch company is specialized in embedded hard- and software computer systems. These are used primarily in harsh and space constrained environments, like unmanned vehicles, robots and aeronautical related applications. The systems enable real-time analysis of captured data and combine small dimensions, high performance and low power usage. The company is interested in cooperation with industrial and research partners in the frame of commercial agreements with technical assistance.

    Titolo: tecnologia innovativa per la progettazione di componenti tecnici di un modello esistente
    Richiesta di collaborazione: collaborazione tecnica con sperimentazione di nuove applicazioni
    Descrizione: A French spin off, specialised in 3D vision, has developed a new technology allowing users to design on computer all kind of technical parts from an existing model. The process is fully automated and leads on digitalization made by techniques with or without contacts. The technology can be used for visualization, dimensional and/or geometrical controls as well as rapid prototyping. The company is looking for technical cooperation with testing of new applications.

    Titolo: automazione
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner commerciali per la distribuzione nei mercati target
    Descrizione: A German SME, a well established manufacturer of mechanical, electrical and electronic drive technology, e.g. geared motors, electronic motor starters and frequency converters, for the automation industry is looking for trade partners in Europe. The company is looking for distribution partners in the mentioned target markets.

    Titolo: sistemi di movimentazione e sollevamento tramite il vuoto
    Richiesta di collaborazione: contratti di distribuzione commerciale
    Descrizione: A fast-growing Swedish company is looking for sales distributors in Finland for their vacuum automation products. The product line involves all products in gripping and handling materials with vacuum such as; Suction cups, vacuum ejectors, vacuum grippers and relevant accessories.

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