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    Titolo: produzione di cibo surgelato
    Richiesta di collaborazione: joint venture con produttori di cibo surgelato
    Descrizione: Dealing with catering sector for more than 28 years, a Turkish company is seeking joint venture opportunities with experienced frozen food manufacturers. The company has already constructed a facility of 4000sqm closed area and a 2000sqm area of administrative office and warehouse located in a developed organized industrial region near Ankara. It is willing to establish cooperation/partnership with a frozen food producer who wishes to start its production in this facility.

    Titolo: packaging e prodotti da imballaggio su misura
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner per ampliamento della rete commerciale all’estero
    Descrizione: Company from Poland is offering tailor-made packaging products such as: open mouth sewn paper sacks, open mouth pasted paper sacks, valved pasted paper sacks. All sacks can be offer with PE film as a layer or LDPE/HDPE cartridge sewn or taped, and flexographic printing paper up to 8 colors. Paper bags produced by the company are used mainly for packaging in the food, chemical and construction industries. Company is also producing boxes made of corrugated cardboard 3, 5 and 7 ply, gray, white or overprinted, with different strength parameters according to individual needs, such as: american boxes die-cut (cut-out) boxes display boxes big boxes, octabins box fittings - layers, partitions waterproof boxes, food grade packaging boxes. They also offer a wide range of products made of LDPE, such as: plastic sleeve, plastic spacers, plastic caps, pallet hoods, LDPE contributions from the boxes and bags, contributions from the collapsible LDPE and octabins. They service flexographic printing paper up to 8 colors (6 +2) printing with watercolours central cylinder print width up to 1600 mm Raster roller from 100 to 220 l / cm print report from 50 to 110 cm print speeds up to 300m/min. Company is looking for commercial agency, which help them to sell their products abroad. They also can cooperate as a subcontractor and producer or co-producer of packaging materials.

    Titolo: produzione di spezie ed erbe
    Richiesta di collaborazione: distributori, accordi di collaborazione
    Descrizione: A German company, expert in the production of spices and herbs, is looking for distributors as well as for partners from the meat/fish/poultry industry that are interested to cooperate, either to sell its products, to enrich their portfolio through the company's products or to develop new ones in collaboration.

    Titolo: produzione di sugo d'anatra salato e grasso d'anatra
    Richiesta di collaborazione: distributori
    Descrizione: Danish producer of organic and non-organic duck fond without salt. For use in food. With its strong and pure taste of meat this product is recommended for use in sauces, meat dishes, casseroles, soup, in sausages, marinating of meat, extending of flavour. Dosage: 1-5% of the ready served dish. The producer has Certificate of Organic Production according to Article 29 (1) of Regulation (EC) 834/2007. The products do not contain and are not produced using any GMO ingredients or processing aids and are designated as GMO free according to EU Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. The products are produced for human consumption and conform to The Food Safety ACT 1990 & Regulation (EC) no 178/2002

    Titolo: produzione di dadi per brodo, brodi istantanei, zuppe, condimenti
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner commerciali
    Descrizione: A Polish producer of broth cubes, instant broths in jars, seasonings, catering sauces, catering soups, instant soups with noodles is looking for trade intermediary partners (distributors, agents). The majority of products are being produced under the brands of the distributors (private label), however, the company simultaneously promotes its own brands.

    Titolo: trasportatore per l'industria alimentare
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner commerciali
    Descrizione: Danish developer and producer of components for conveyors and conveyor systems is ready to market a special conveyor for the food industry with dynamic transport direction enabling it to run corners and descent as well as increase. The company is looking for trade intermediaries in a number of countries, distributors as well as agents.

    Titolo: produzione di microalghe transgeniche
    Richiesta di collaborazione: joint venture o partner finanziari
    Descrizione: A German company is developer, producer and operator of bioreactors for the production of transgenic microalgae as an integrated system. These low-cost versatile reactors are ideally suited both for the production of bio fuel-algae as well as food and/or feed algae. The company is looking for partners in order to establish joint ventures and financial co-operation.

    Titolo: lavorazione di foglie di tabacco
    Richiesta di collaborazione: distributore commerciale
    Descrizione: The main area of activity of the Polish company is establishing contracts with farmers, buying and preliminary tobacco leaf processing. The activity is conducted in the South East of Poland, which takes pride in a long-time tradition of high-quality tobacco production. The company is looking for distributors of tobacco who cooperate with producers of cigarettes and tobacco products.

    Titolo: produzione di olio di girasole
    Richiesta di collaborazione: distributore commerciale
    Descrizione: Bulgarian company is specialised in production of sunflower oil. The company produces sunflower refined bottled oil and also sunflower oil as a liquid material to be packed by another company. Bulgarian producer has strong relations with Bulgarian companies and with some European companies where this product is exported. Company needs distribution services to sell product in different countries.

    Titolo: produzione di latticini di capra
    Richiesta di collaborazione: subappalto a potenziali clienti stranieri provenienti da paesi UE
    Descrizione: A Serbian SME, producer of goat diary products would like to offer its services as subcontractor to potential foreign clients from EU countries. The company is in the business of goats farming and production of diary products from goat milk, namely: old white cheese in slices, cheese smoked with natural liquid smoke flavour, cheese in extra-virgin olive oil, cheese with molds, probiotic beverage, yogurt, pasteurized milk, whey, etc. The company has developed its own brand and received ISO 9001, HACCP and HALAL certificates as a proof of their company's and product's quality. Also, the company have been exporting to EU and Russian market since it is one of a small number of companies in Serbia which gained to receive a licence for distribution of goat diary products both in EU and Russian market. Since they have a great experience in trans-national business they would like to offer their services as subcontractors to potential partners from EU.

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