Innovazione e ambiente - n° 1 / 2014
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    Titolo: Misurazione laser senza contatto di vibrazioni, spostamenti e accelerazioni
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Offerta di tecnologia
    Descrizione: A research team from the Polish university has developed a laser system for vibration, displacement and acceleration measurement. The technology can be used to estimate these values in working devices or their parts when direct methods are not available. The research team seeks cooperation with producers of vibrometry devices interested in licensing the technology. The team is also offering its support and trainings in further development of the technology.


    Titolo: Sistemi ottici di misurazione
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Offerta di apparecchiature di prova e partner per la distribuzione
    Descrizione: A German company, specialised in the area of optical measurement systems, offers test equipment for the tyre, rim and wheel industry. The customer base for optical measurement systems can be found in all industries that need 100% control of their production process. Optical measurement systems also help manufacturers to achieve a higher output, reduce waste and define quality. The company offers individual one-stop-shop solutions and is looking for distribution partners.

    Titolo: Elettrometro per misurare tensioni molto piccole
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Accordo commerciale con assistenza tecnica e collaborazione tecnica.
    Descrizione: A high tech Spanish company has developed an electrometer for the measurement of ultra-low electric currents (1-50,000 fA). This technology works through wireless communication, battery powered, can measure currents at high voltages, as well as currents generated by charged aerosols or ionized gases.
    The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation.

    Regno Unito
    Titolo: Produttore di strumenti di misurazione della velocità di rotazione (tachimetri)
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Rappresentanti tecnici e distributori
    Descrizione: Technical representatives and distributors required for a UK manufacturer of rotational speed measurement instruments (tachometers). The company is seeking to enter two new markets, Brazil and S. Korea with their range of measuring devices, sensors and accessories for rotational speed recording and monitoring. They are seeking partnerships with industrial distributors of instrumentation and/or industrial diagnostic equipment who supply into all manufacturing sectors.

    Titolo: Sensore per ispezioni superficiali ed esame di campioni di tessuto
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Accordi di licenza per lo sviluppo di nuove applicazioni
    Descrizione: A German research institute has developed a new nano force sensor for applications such as surface inspection and examination of tissue samples. The measurement of low forces gains importance in the inspection of material properties in applications as surface inspection and examination of tissue samples, where tactile measurement systems may cause scratches on the surface. The Research institute is offering licenses for the system which enables new R&D applications.

    Titolo: Conversione della radiazione laser pulsata in radiazione continua
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Accordi di licenza
    Descrizione: A German research institute has developed a solution for the conversion of pulsed laser radiation into continuous wave -radiation which allows reference and transfer standards to be calibrated with reduced measurement uncertainty in fields as important as, e.g. photovoltaics, photometry, UV radiation metrology, and reflectometry. To date, significant measurement uncertainty shares have been caused by insufficient radiation powers provided by conventional systems. The institute offers licenses.

    Titolo: Sistemi automatizzati di monitoraggio ambientale
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Partner per collaborazione commerciale e tecnica negli ambiti industria, fornitori di acqua o società di servizi pubblici con attività di monitoraggio ambientale
    Descrizione: A German company specialised in environmental monitoring networks offers real time devices that can be used in water, weather and soil monitoring. GPRS data loggers allow an automated measurement of data, transmission via internet and statistical evaluation. Advantages include the devices' easy usability and high longevity. Partners sought are industry, water suppliers or public utility companies with environmental monitoring tasks for commercial and technical cooperation.

    Titolo: Sensori innovativi per il rilevamento di basse concentrazioni di gas tossici
    Richiesta di collaborazione: Contratti di licenza, scambio di know-how o accordo commerciale con assistenza tecnica
    Descrizione: A polish SME company specializes in fire protection area. They have developed an innovation - universal gasometrical head. It is assigned for being used in stationery measurement systems or detection of low (toxic) gas concentration and of liquid vapours in space endangered by explosion.
    The company is looking for partners from fire protection area. Their tasks will be to collaborate by using license agreement and know-how of the company or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

    Titolo: Ion Mobility Spectrometry ad alta definizione
    Richiesta di collaborazione: accordi commerciali con assistenza tecnica e/o collaborazione tecnica
    Descrizione: A Spanish company has developed a new concept of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), an emerging technique in the field of analysis. This technology is based on space classification of ions (DMS - Differential Mobility Analysis) with a high flow sheath gas that allows for higher sensitivity and resolving power than traditional IMS (drift time). The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation.

    Regno Unito
    Titolo: Misurazione della qualità delle acque
    Richiesta di collaborazione: partner commerciali e distributori
    Descrizione: UK manufacturer of online and portable water quality measuring equipment seeks distributors. This UK SME specialises in manufacturing online and portable sensors and analysers to monitor drinking water, wastewater and industrial effluent and is booking for distributors throughout Europe.

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