Innovazione - n° 6 / 2014
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    Titolo: Smart Communication Management to Accelerate Innovation
    Descrizione: A German consulting company specialized in innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation communication provides a smart, capability-based management framework of innovation communication to enhance open collaborative innovation and to systematically spread innovation from idea to market launch. The company is looking for distributors, subcontractors as well as for joint venture and license agreements.
    POD Reference: BODE20140505001

    Titolo: New cloud-enabled smart platform for international open innovation management and for disruptive technology discovery
    Descrizione: A Spanish-based start-up has developed a new smart tool, based on protected algorithms, to discovery disruptive innovations around the world, which facilitate the technology transfer and confidential investment processes trough a virtual network. The system is based on a pioneer Knowledge Base (KB) structure and innovation maps. The company is looking for partners to join and exploit the new system, and partners to be beta-testers, for free, for technical cooperation agreements.
    POD Reference: TOES20131119001

    Titolo: Business innovation development
    Descrizione: Italian company specialized in business innovation development, voice/data system management, telecommunication system and station configuration and digital data storage is looking for trade intermediary services.
    POD Reference: 20101006019

    Titolo: German award-winning full-service design consultancy is offering its subcontracting services to develop successfully designed products or a pragmatic innovation strategy.
    Descrizione: A German award-winning full-service design consultancy is seeking for international SMEs and manufacturing or service industries across all sectors that are in need of a pragmatic innovation strategy or want to leap-frog their competition with successfully designed products. The client is offering its services as a subcontractor.
    POD Reference: 20130118007

    Titolo: Project Partner sought for H2020 Call focussed on Business Model Innovation for SMEs
    Descrizione: Irish SME leading a consortium seeks project partners for their H2020 application. The aim of the EU proposal is “To significantly enhance the business model innovation capability of European SMEs”. The project will carry out research into current business modelling processes to identify patterns that indicate ‘likelihood of success’. They wish to develop a new SME Business Model Innovation methodology that will be tailored to and tested in more than 100 companies across Europe.
    POD Reference: RDIE20140403001

    Titolo: Innovation in human movement, health, sports, play and recreation
    Descrizione: A German university spin-off is specialized in methodological support of early stage innovation projects for developing new products and services specifically in the motion, health, sports, play and recreation sector. They integrate scientific know-how with systematic and hands-on assistance, starting from fundamental human needs like motion, adventure, success and happiness. The offer targets producers of related devices, operators of related parks and centres, and public health institutions.
    POD Reference: 09 DE 1486 3E66

    Titolo: R&D & Innovation for enviromental clean up based on non polluting technologies with low power consumption
    Descrizione: Romanian company active in R&D & Innovation, focussing on developing equipments and installations for enviromental clean up, based on non polluting technologies with low power consumption is looking for intermediary services to promote their products, which are also addressing home appliances field, medical and sanitary-veterinary field, regenaration of water, soil, sub soil and air, for powders and minerals recovery, in order to avoid industrial and public pollution.
    POD Reference: 20120724040

    Titolo: Manufacture of high-tech machinery for the processing of melon seeds
    Descrizione: Russian innovation company specialized in the manufacture of high-tech machinery for the processing of melon seeds (pumpkin, watermelon), is looking for sales representatives in the European countries, as well as end users of the equipment
    POD Reference: 20111109018

    Titolo: Healthcare sector
    Descrizione: A Swedish innovation company active in the healthcare sector has developed an equipment for measuring and disinfection of ultrasound probes in a safe, effective and cost saving way. The equipment is used in cardiology departments of hospitals. The company is looking for distributors/resellers/agents in Poland, Portugal, Spain and France.
    POD Reference: 20120307031

    Titolo: Multifunctional device for measuring the important parameters in the human body
    Descrizione: A small Serbian company developed device for monitoring several parameters of human organism like blood pressure, sugar, environmental influences on body etc. Advantage over existing devices is combining all these measurements into one device. The company is looking industrial partners interested in further development.
    POD Reference: 11 RB 1B1N 3LVR

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