Innovazione e ambiente - n° 1 / 2015
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    Titolo: Photography application for mobile phones
    Descrizione: SME from Latvia is looking for photography application for Windows, Android and iOS (iPhone) based mobile phones. SME is looking for developers that can develop application according to technical specifications or provide already on market existing application. The company is going for commercial agreement with technical assistance.
    POD reference: TRLV20141202001

    Titolo: Croatian company looking for franchise and reciprocal production partnership
    Descrizione: Croatian company, specialized in engineering, commissioning, construction and production of process plants and storage tanks, is looking for franchise and reciprocal production partnership.
    POD reference: BRHR20131124001

    Titolo: Market, media and social research services
    Descrizione: A Croatian company for market, media and social research and consulting, is offering their services as representative/agent to partners who need those services..
    POD reference: BRHR20131117001

    Titolo: Structural self-adhesive double-sided tapes technology
    Descrizione: A scientist from North-west Poland developed a technology of a structural self-adhesive tapes production for the construction industry. The described tapes are an innovative construction adhesive in the form of a double-sided self-adhesive tape. Companies interested in implementing the mentioned technology are sought.
    Joint venture agreements and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.
    POD reference: 12 PL 63AW 3P0N

    Titolo: Ending water stock notification system
    Descrizione: Inventor from North-East Poland developed an innovative approach to water stock notification system. The solution concerns whole HOD (home/office delivery) market. Innovation keeps the flow of the notification for demand of gallon water and delivery process to the customer. System can be applied to the home delivery. Technical agreement, manufacturing agreement or license agreement is desirable.
    POD reference: TOPL20131121003

    Titolo: Kit for developing pneumatic control systems in microfluidics, chemistry and mechatronics
    Descrizione: An Estonian SME has developed a miniature kit for developing pneumatic control systems, that can be applied in Microfluidics, perfusion systems and flow cells, miniature robotics and actuators. The technology can be applied in controlling volumes from 1...100 mL. The kit is USB powered and controlled and needs neither extra power supplies nor cables, pumps or other pressure sources. The company is looking for SMEs and universities interested of testing and applying the kit in R&D projects.
    POD reference: TOEE20131113001

    Titolo: Software for quality assessment of the X-ray radiation
    Descrizione: University from Latvia has developed an innovative software solution for quality assessment of the X-ray radiation emitted by medical diagnostic equipment. The technology is already laboratory tested and field tested in 7 hospitals of Latvia.
    The developers of the  technology are looking for co-operation partners interested in further testing and development, as well as  implementation of the technology in other clinics.
    POD reference: TOLV20141203002

    Titolo: Innovative and eco-friendly car pooling web platform
    Descrizione: A young and dynamic Italian SME developed an eco-friendly car pooling platform, whose access and settings management is easily accessible through mobile devices; its main peculiarity is to offer a flexible and real-time carpooling service, which helps people to find out a travel companion anywhere and anytime, in order to respond to the constant increasing demand for shared mobility. The SME seeks partners interested in having the technology adapted to own needs through technical cooperation.
    POD reference: TOIT20130924001

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