Innovazione e ambiente - n° 7 / 2015
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    Titolo: Technology of a multi-helical mixer is offered
    Descrizione: A scientist from North West Poland has developed a multi-helical mixer, which may be used for the mixing of fluids, particularly those of a high viscosity. The device can be used for kinetic processes as well.
    Further tests, measurements, development and implementation are needed. Technical cooperation agreement is sought
    POD reference: 13 PL 63AW 3SRK

    Titolo: Innovative grinding bodies applicable for ore, coal, clinker, as well as, other raw materials and waste
    Descrizione: A Bulgarian SME has developed innovative grinding bodies applicable for ore, coal, clinker, as well as, other raw materials and waste. The company is seeking to reach research cooperation agreements and technical cooperation agreements with interested companies from the mining and cement industries, universities and R&D institutions in order to develop a prototype a field test it.
    POD reference: TOBG20141111002

    Titolo: Safety-Critical software in the real-time operating system
    Descrizione: A Korean SME has commercialized real-time operating system for safety-critical system, which was originally developed by a well-known research institute in Korea. It is applicable in the aerospace, defense and industrial sector. The reliability was proved by the Federal Aviation Administration in the US and has received DO-178B Level A certificate, which is the highest level it could get. The firm is looking for a partner for licensing agreement or technical cooperation agreement.
    POD reference: TOKR20150206001

    Titolo: A method for the synthesis of non-solvated mixed-cation borohydrides
    Descrizione: A Polish university has invented a method for the synthesis of mixed-cation borohydrides, which results in chemically pure, non-solvated products. This method can be used in the production of chemical stores of hydrogen and diborane, production of chemicals or coating with metal borides. The university is looking for partners willing to establish cooperation under license, commercial or manufacturing agreement.
    POD reference: TOPL20140707001

    Repubblica Ceca
    Titolo: Reactive sorbent for a rapid and safe degradation of organophosphates pesticides and chemical warfares
    Descrizione: A Czech university and a Czech research institute developed a method for preparation of a new reactive sorbent for fast, safe and cheap degradation of organophosphates and chemical warfare on contaminated surfaces with high degradation recovery. The technology is in form of prototype and it is protected as a secret know-how. The industrial partner is sought for scaling-up, production and distribution.
    POD reference: TOCZ20140612002

    Titolo: Extract for the treatment of anxiety and depression
    Descrizione: A Spanish company, specialized in the production of natural compounds active ingredients, has developed a new extract that can be used for the treatment of anxiety and depression. The product has 100% traceability and complies with quality standards. The company is looking for distributors and/or commercial agents in order to promote their product.
    POD reference: BOES20130705001

    Titolo: German manufacturer of luxury handmade chocolate, jams and chutneys is looking for distributors or franchisees
    Descrizione: A German chocolate factory produces handmade delicacies of premium quality such as pralines, truffles, fresh jams and chutneys. All products are made of only natural ingredients; the firm avoids preservatives and artificial supplements. The top quality of products, standardized as well as customized production and wide range of goods and tastes are the main advantages of the firm. Wishing to expand its market, the company is searching for distribution service agreements or franchise agreements.
    POD reference: BODE20141209001

    Titolo: French company is looking for suppliers of innovative display devices or mobile devices
    Descrizione: A French company, that develops and maintains a smart signage solution dedicated to different processes of the supply chain and of a company, is looking for hardware solutions such as innovative displays or mobile devices (TV monitors, tablets, smartphones) to provide to its final customers, in particular to those from the supply chain sector: industry, logistics, retail companies
    POD reference: BRFR20140526001

    Titolo: Solar Panel Cleaning-System for Dust and Snow
    Descrizione: A SME located in the south of Germany being active in designing cleaning systems for photovoltaic units as well as mounting of solar panel systems developed a solar panel cleaning-system, which functions automatically or manually without detergents or chemicals. The cleaning system works fast so that an entire voltaic park can be cleaned within 3 minutes. The company is looking for partners interested in entering into a manufacturing or licensing agreement
    POD reference
    : TODE20150611001

    Titolo: Measuring chamber for determining the electrical properties of highly reactive powder samples
    Descrizione: A Polish University has developed an invention, which relates to the measurement chamber which is adapted for determining the electrical properties of highly reactive powder samples using impedance spectroscopy method. This method is used in the study of colloidal systems, polymer systems and as well in pharmaceutical and biological systems. University is looking for R&D and industrial partners willing to start collaboration under commercial, license or manufacturing agreement.
    POD reference: TOPL20140703001

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