Innovazione - n° 11 / 2017
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
  • RICERCA PARTNER: Cultural Heritage/Musei
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    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Titolo: the organization develops a project that will improve the quality of life of local community by using novel R&D techniques, in particular in ICT domain.
    Descrizione: The organization is devoted to raising the level of competitiveness and innovation in the community and the project will tackle this issue by developing a virtual entrepreneurship platform through applying for the H2020 programme scheme that boosts innovativeness in SMEs (Call: EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020).Two institutions are already engaged in the consortium, who are experienced in entrepreneurship and in local community management. However, the consortium is lacking a partner with ICT skills as well as more partners who are experienced in education in entrepreneurship.
    POD Reference: RDBA20170929001
    Titolo: A Slovenian small company specializing in the production of innovative, custom-made LED lights is looking for a manufacturer or supplier of J / U aluminium profiles to produce an innovative LED light.
    Descrizione: A small Slovenian company from Primorska region specializes in the production of innovative LED lights for museums, showcases, showrooms, restaurants and bars. The company is currently developing a new LED light. The company is looking for a manufacturer or supplier of specific aluminium J/U profiles. The company offers manufacturing agreement.
    POD Reference: BRSI20171107001
    Titolo: Erasmus Mundus proposal : A consortium of 4 universities is looking for partners (companies, NGO's, etc) in the field of paleontology/geology
    Descrizione: Four Universities have decided to join forces and offer the first joint Master programme in paleontology/geology. The consortium is actually looking for private/public international partners (companies, NGO's, NPO's, etc.) with strong expertise in fields such as petroleum exploration, drilling, scientific journalism, cultural tourism and environmental companies (impact assessment) to welcome master students for internships, to give courses for the Master or to give their financial support.
    POD Reference: RDFR20171026001

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