Innovazione e ambiente - n° 6 / 2018
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
  • RICERCA PARTNER: Innovazione Sociale
    Titolo: H2020 Call Security - Enhance urban train stations & users security with innovative solutions (pre-commercial procurement scheme). End users and buyers are requested.
    Descrizione: A French regional government is leading a project proposal on H2020 Security topic with a joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP) scheme. The project aims to enhance urban train stations security with innovative solutions. The region is working with the French national railway company and they are looking for buyers and end-user organisations from 3 EU countries active in the passenger railways sector and interested in co-financing R&D projects addressing the security challenges. 
    POD Reference: RDFR20180411001
    Titolo: Singapore company focused on ageing population seeks European companies with medical products and solutions through distribution services agreement
    Descrizione: A Singaporean medical distribution company is looking for new assets for its portfolio in the field of innovative products to provide medical solutions for the aged/seniors in the areas of rehabilitation, geriatric care, psychiatric assessment, treatment and management as well as medication management. The target markets are the ageing population in Asian countries. This company is considering a distribution services agreement from European companies.  
    POD Reference: BRSG20180217002
    Titolo: H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 - Innovative and attractive French urban agglomeration is searching partners notably interested in the field of sustainable alimentary supply for setting up novel urban food-chains
    Descrizione: An innovative and attractive French urban agglomeration has been setting up a consortium to be completed by a coordinator and other partners to answer H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 call. 
    The institution is searching municipalities or equal structures being experienced and applying novel practices in the domain of sustainable food-chains and food-systems. 
    The scope of the project is to set-up an universally implementable model of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable food-system for cities.
    POD Reference: RDFR20180307001

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