Innovazione e ambiente - n° 8 / 2018
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
    Titolo: Spanish commercial agent specialised in forest products is looking for new company suppliers such as sawmills or lumbers or producers/distributors of wood and panels for commercial agency agreements and distribution services in Spain.
    POD reference: BRES20180614001

    Titolo: A Polish manufacturing and trading company with over 24 years of experience, specializing in the production of various types of wooden products is looking for partners which can offer wooden racks, shelves, folding saw horses, boxes, plant rollers and furniture components, interested in distribution services agreement for their products on the Polish market and on international markets. The SME is also looking for plywood manufacturers and suppliers of coniferous wood.
    POD reference: BRPL20180705001
    Titolo: German designer who makes and sells exclusive home furnishings and décor is looking to partner with a company, which is able to produce faceted LED-crystal mirrors (LED: light-emitting diode) with gilded wooden baroque frames using 5 or 6-Axis CNC milling machine and real gold leaves. The partnering should be based on manufacturing, licensing or outsourcing agreement. In case of no exact match with one SME, 2 companies within one country can do the production.
    POD reference: BRDE20180523001

Periodico Informatico - Registrazione al tribunale di Varese al n.457 del 15/06/1985