Innovazione e ambiente - n° 9 / 2018
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
  • RICERCA PARTNER: Elettronica
    Corea del Sud
    Titolo: A Korean research institute is seeking R&D partners for developing precursors for ALD (atomic layer deposition) process.
    POD reference: RDKR20180814001
    Titolo: A Chinese company is looking for vacuum sealing ceramics manufacturing technology with improved performance.
    POD reference: TRCN20180828001
    Titolo: A Singapore company is looking for IOTs partners with hardware and software design capabilities and IOT end users with technical capabilities interested in incorporating IOT, bluetooth & WiFi technology to their products in Europe.
    POD reference: BRSG20170216001

Periodico Informatico - Registrazione al tribunale di Varese al n.457 del 15/06/1985