Innovazione e ambiente - n° 10 / 2018
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
  • RICERCA PARTNER: Gomma/Plastica
    Titolo: A European association based in Brussels  is coordinating a consortium of companies to submit together an FTI proposal. The project will aim at introducing a cost-saving and eco-friendly solution for the rubber industry by piloting and validating a novel technology that can convert rubber waste into regenerated, virgin rubber, commercialising the new material as well as marketing the technology. The consortium is looking for SMEs with experience in rubber regeneration for project partnership.
    POD reference: RDBE20181030001
    Titolo: A Serbian company specialized in design, engineering and manufacturing of external and internal signage, signs and promotional materials is looking for new partners who have the capacity for know-how and technology transfer of LED 3D signs.
    POD reference: TRRS20181016001
    Titolo: A Lithuanian SME, specialized in shopping bag manufacturing, seeks a new technology to expand their business. The currently used technology allows the company to produce large quanities of shopping bags from unwoven materials made from raw plastic. The company is looking for an ultrasonic molding technology allowing to combine seams of an unwoven material made from recycled PET. The company seeks partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
    POD reference: TRLT20181015001 

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