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    Titolo: Attività ingegneristiche e relative consultazioni tecniche
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione finanziaria, joint venture
    Descrizione: One of the greatest companies in Romania, specialized in engineering activities and related technical consultancy, performs geothermal water drilling works, thermal and water supply systems and geological prospecting and exploitations. The company is looking for foreign partners activating in related fields (electricity, heating pumps, wells drilling etc.) for different types of co-operation. The Romanian company is interested in becoming representative for a foreign company activating in the field of heating pumps. Furthermore, the company is also interested in finding a foreign partner in order to achieve joint projects, in Romania, on heating greenhouses, swimming pools etc. The potential partner should be reliable and interested in developing its business in Romania.

    Titolo: Produzione di impianti a fluido
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione commerciale, servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: Russian company specialized in sales of geothermal equipment is searching for producers of geothermal power equipment that would like to have a distributor in the Russian Federation. The company also offers activities in sphere of subcontracting and franchise.

    Titolo: Realizzazione di progetto utili allo sviluppo di elettricità e telecomunicazioni
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione commerciale, servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: A Swedish company has developed and are manufacturing small wind turbines intended for households and small farms. The wind turbines are primarily intended for the private household market as well as for small farms. The company is looking for a distribution partner in Italy, Spain, Greece, UK and Ireland. The company is part of a larger engineering group with 270 employees that has been in business for 48 years. The turbines make it possible to cut electricity costs. It enables the owner of the turbine to use the electricity produced by the turbines when possible and, when the wind-force is too low, regular power provided by electricity companies can be used. When the turbine produces a surplus of energy, this can be sold to the electricity company. A future partner is a company within the electrical or energy sector.

    Titolo: Cippato ottenuto da scarti da orticoltura
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione commerciale, servizi di intermediazione commerciale, subcontratto per produzione e collaborazione tecnica
    Descrizione: A Hungarian company, specialised in horticulture and trading of fruits and vegetables has yearly 650 tons of wood chips made from the waste of fruit trees. The chips contain only cca. 15% water. They are looking for a partner in Europe who would either sell this amount of biomass or would install a biomass boiler on their premises which could produce electricity. High quality biomass chips with great heating value and low water content. The company has an excellent financial background, in case the partner would install the biomass boiler it could expect maximum reliability.

    Titolo: Prodotti in legno, sughero, paglia e materiali intrecciabili
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione finanziaria, joint venture
    Descrizione: Serbian company specialized in primary wood processing and selling timber, production of construction joinery and furniture manufacture of wooden houses is looking for and offering joint venture and reciprocal production in all production activities, or acquisition of a complete or a part of the company - investment in the project on biomass power plant. Excellent location, good infrastructure, a huge raw materials base, large capacity (plant area 6.62ha, of which 4 ha paved surfaces), the possibility of significantly expanding capacity, but obtaining all necessary documents and permits for the realization of desired activities (biomass pelleting plant - 70% already been made, plant for electricity generation from biomass). It builds a new facility or refurbishment of existing plant capacity of 10.5 MW of thermal energy.

    Titolo: Attività di installazione di impianti elettrici, idraulici e di altre costruzioni
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione commerciale, servizi di intermediazione commerciale
    Descrizione: French geothermal heat pump manufacturer seeks skilled installers active in heating, plumbing, cooling or drilling installation works to distribute their products for residential and industrial application abroad. Trade intermediary services are required. The French company has its own research department composed of engineers and technicians who are experts in thermal, hydraulic and control technologies and who study the clients’ project in detail before suggesting the adapted technology with energy-saving, reliability and simplicity-of-use in mind. The product can be customized to any project. Having a global vision of their clients' project allows the French company to increase their process efficiency while reducing the energy consumption. Heat is extracted where it is not desired to be redirected where it will be useful. The offered solutions are flexible and can be adapted to the evolution of the clients' activity.

    Titolo: Collettori energetici per pompe di calore geotermico, a terra e ad acqua
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Consulenze tecniche, controllo qualità
    Descrizione: An innovative Swedish company has developed an environmental friendly Energy Collector used for geothermal, ground and water loop heating applications. Using this collector, more customers have the possibility to utilize geothermal heating also those living in water protection areas or any other protected areas, since it provides a solution for all types of leakages. The company is an experienced and innovative plastic pipe manufacture since the 1970s. They provide pipes, connections, caps, manifold chambers and all sorts of products used in geo-thermal applications. Their products are made with highest quality and according to European Standard EN 12201. Partners from the renewable energy sector are being sought for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

    Titolo: Set matrice di turbine a vento
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza
    Descrizione: A French laboratory has developed a matrix set of small wind turbines suitable with urban environment implementation. This secured and low cost device reduces significantly noise production thanks to the small size of the rotors. However, the combined surface is very large thanks to the size of the house or the commercial building. The matrix continues to yield power even if some turbines receive less wind or are damaged. The laboratory is ready to license or sell the patent rights. The advantage of small wind turbine matrixes lies on their power generation surface ideally suitable for city use; urban areas are notoriously bad for windpower generation, because of wind turbulences, changing wind directions and obstacles disturbing the airflow. Ideally these matrixes should be equipped with vertical-axis wind turbines. Such turbines can easily be maintained or changed. The matrix of turbine shall continue to yield electricity even if some turbines receive less wind or are damaged.

    Titolo: Software di valutazione idro-geologica su ampia scala basato su un nuovo approccio matematico ai dati idraulici provenienti da una singola sorgente a pompa
    Richiesta di cooperazione: cooperazione finanziaria, accordo di licenza
    Descrizione: An Israeli company developed new software for Hydro-Geological needs to aid drillings and drainage operations by providing full scale evaluations and predictions of hydro-geological parameters. The software, developed to assist oil drilling, mines’ drainage and the water market, provides precise water output and parameter predictions using just one well, making observation wells and long term pumping tests obsolete. The company seeks license agreements/ adaptation to special needs deals.

    Titolo: Casa a energia zero – soluzioni per sistemi a risparmio energetico per l’edilizia residenziale
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione finanziaria, accordo di licenza, joint venture
    Descrizione: A building company from the North - East Poland has developed an integrated system of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and heating water for houses. This system by using solar heat, buffering geothermal energy and passive heat, accumulates heat and maintain constant temperature at a very low cost. The system can be used in the construction and building sector. The company is interested in cooperation within technical and scientific or a manufacturing agreement with the construction sector.

    Titolo: Processo ecologico di foratura orizzontale per piccoli spazi e lavori senza scavo
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza
    Descrizione: French SME specialized in trenchless public works, patented a new process for horizontal directional drilling. The machine allows network connections for water, electricity or gas supply (etc) without damaging public roads. The company is looking for partners for license agreement.

    Titolo: Tecnologia innovativa per ottenere calore da biomasse
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza, test di nuove applicazioni
    Descrizione: A Polish company has developed a technology for obtaining heat from biomass. Various materials may be used as biomass and the heat is obtained thanks to gas generators of wide range of power (50 to 1500 kW). The company is looking for industrial partners interested in further development as well as testing of new applications and adaptation to specific needs. Furthermore, the company is looking for licenses.

    Titolo: Progetto di una turbomacchina a vortici radiali con efficienza pari a 0.87
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Consulenza tecnica, studio di possibili sviluppi futuri, accordi commerciali
    Descrizione: A Russian SME, specialized in turbomachinery design, developed a fundamentally new kind of impeller related to fan engineering. Application of a new engineering solution enables a 70% increase in the specific aerohydrodynamic loading of turbomachines with vortical control of the interface layer. The company searches for partners for commercial agreement with tecnical assistance.

    Titolo: Sviluppo e produzione di una pompa di calore a frequenza controllata per applicazione in dispositivi a calore geotermico
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza, studio di possibili sviluppi futuri
    Descrizione: A German SME active in the field of renewable energies is searching for a control of heat pumps to obtain an optimal rotational speed for the respective loading condition and the respective exterior and interior temperatures. They are looking for a licence or tecnical cooperation.

    Titolo: Nuova tecnologia per la produzione di tubi per la raccolta di energia geotermica
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Joint venture, cooperazione commerciale e finanziaria
    Descrizione: A small Finnish company has designed and tested technology for collecting geothermal energy from different heat sources and sharing it within suburban small house networks via co-axial pipe. The company is seeking for industrial partners interested in co-operative pipe technology research, development and manufacturing the pipe. Also licensing for manufacturers is possible.

    Titolo: Innovazione nella produzione di energia geotermica
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza, joint venture
    Descrizione: An industrial / construction company from northern Greece dealing with industrial quarries, concrete and asphalt production and all types of infrastructure construction is looking for innovative technologies for geothermal energy production innovations. The company is interested in any kind of collaboration.

    Titolo: Progetto di uno scambiatore di calore sotterraneo per la produzione di energia geotermica
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza, joint venture, cooperazione finanziaria
    Descrizione: A Swedish company with focus on geology and geophysics is seeking partners with expertise in well design to jointly optimize boreholes as underground heat exchangers (double tubings, directional drilling, etc). The company intends to develop small geothermal power plants pumping heated water circulating in closed wells. Areas of application are volcanic calderas. The company is interested in technical cooperation and joint ventures.

    Titolo: Tubo per acqua calda a isolamento termico
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Accordo di licenza, cooperazione tecnica
    Descrizione: A Norwegian company which develops technology for geothermal energy is looking for tubular walls or insulation material with very low thermal conductivity. Water with temperature up to 300º C will flow inside the tube. The tube wall heat transfer coefficient needs to be as low as 1.0 W/m2K. They are seeking companies which can supply insulating material and/or tubing concepts to meet their needs.

    Titolo: Reattore Fischer – Tropsch per biomasse
    Richiesta di cooperazione: Cooperazione tecnica, assemblaggio
    Descrizione: A Spanish company is looking for partners for the construction of a pilot-scale Fischer- Tropsch reactor which will be used to test biomass to liquids process. The work will be based on two types of low temperature Fischer-Tropsch reactors: fixed bed and fluidized bed slurry, oriented to the production of diesel. The partners sought can be technology centres and universities to collaborate in the design of the reactor and companies to undertake its construction.

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