Mercati esteri - n° 8 / 2015
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    Titolo: Bulgarian printing house specialized in full-color printing offers a closed cycle of printing and all the related services
    Descrizione: Bulgarian printing house offers its services in the sphere of prepress and printing of different articles - magazines, books, catalogues, advertising materials, labels and packages. The company disposes with modern equipment, which gives it the ability to perform full scale of processes – from the design to the packaging of the finished product. The target of the company is to contract long-term Manufacturing agreement as well as Commercial agency agreement.
    POD reference: BOBG20150807001

    Titolo: Secure, anonymous and transferable electronic ticket
    Descrizione: A Catalan university research group has developed an electronic ticketing system that allows users, unlike other solutions, to transfer their tickets by placing their phones together safely and anonymously without contacting the central system. A cryptographic scheme guarantees the security of the service provider. A license agreement is offered to existing electronic ticketing companies or to other companies willing to develop a service that can be offered to those that issue electronic tickets.
    POD reference: TOES20140709001

    Titolo: Bio-coating system to prevent microbiologically induced corrosion and fouling for offshore structures
    Descrizione: A Scottish company has developed a prototype bio-coating system, which utilizes microbes to prevent micro-biologically induced corrosion and fouling of offshore infrastructures, primarily wind turbines and oil rigs. The company is looking for technical/research cooperation with a university or coating formulation/manufacturer which have the resource and manpower to: improve scalability and durability issues; field test the product; and ultimately develop a commercially viable product.
    POD reference: TOUK20150731002

    Titolo: An Egyptian frozen fruits & vegetables manufacturer is seeking a distribution partner in Europe and outside Europe
    Descrizione: A leading food processing company in Egypt specialized in the plantation, processing and production of vegetables and fruits is seeking a distribution partner in Europe and outside Europe. The company promises to offer superb products with their high quality control in the field and in production in addition to an effective traceability system.
    POD reference: BOEG20150712001

    Titolo: A Bulgarian agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer seeks distributors
    Descrizione: A well-established Bulgarian producer of agricultural machinery such as tillers, automatic tillers, machines for fused cultivation, machines for row cultivation, deep ploughs, disc harrows, crusher for plan residues, rollers and vineyard machines is looking for distributors of their products.
    POD reference: BOBG20150826002

    Titolo: Seeking distribution partners for steel cylinders for liquid gas
    Descrizione: German manufacturer of cylinders for liquid gas and refrigerants is looking for commercial agency or distribution service agreements with Polish, Slovenian and Czech partners and offers customized production (manufacturing agreements). The company produces welded cylinders for propane gas, fuel gas and refrigerants. It offers reliable and safe products for the distribution of liquid gas for craft, industry, gastronomy, etc. Sought are agents or companies filling and distributing such cylinders.
    POD reference: BODE20150706001

    Titolo: Romanian company specializing in production of sweets and chocolate is looking for trade intermediary services.
    Descrizione: Romanian company specialized in producing chocolate pralines and chocolate cookies under its own brand is looking for distribution companies around the EU.
    POD reference: BORO20140724001

    Titolo: Portuguese startup platform for social responsibility knowledge is seeking social innovation players.
    Descrizione: Portuguese social organization, located in Porto focused in connecting, learning, sharing, inspiring and being inspired to change the world by means of a platform where one can promote his/her ideas, discover and participate in another person’s project, study social innovation or find another’s project to invest in it. The organization is looking for investors that help support travels around the world to film videos about social innovation and thus scale the platform.
    POD reference: BOPT20150813001

    Titolo: Unique concept associating high-value traditionally made wood tables and cultural heritage
    Descrizione: A French designer and creator of high-value wood tables made of centennial trees is offering a new concept for French cultural heritage through unique pieces of furniture. The concept associates a multi-centennial tree chosen by the customer which will be used to create the furniture and its history covered in a dedicated book. This French creator is looking for commercial partners in Europe to promote this concept among cultural heritage products customers.
    POD reference: BOFR20150831001

    Titolo: Russian producer of biologically active additives and medicated products is looking for trade intermediaries, commercial agents and distributors
    Descrizione: Russian company specialized in the production of biologically active additives is looking for trade representatives under commercial agency agreement and distributors, as well as medical and sanitary institutions in EU-countries and non EU-countries.
    POD reference: BORU20150728008

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