Mercati esteri - n° 7 / 2017
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
  • RICERCA PARTNER: Lifestyle

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    Titolo: A Finnish lifestyle company is looking for manufacturers of bed linen in Italy or Portugal
    Descrizione: The Finnish brand and company designs and sells lifestyle products. It has retailers in 15 countries. They are now searching for a manufacturer of bed linen. The Finnish brand/company will design the models and have exclusivity for the products. Partners for a manufacturing agreement are sought in Italy or Portugal. The first order batch would be about 1000 – 2000 per product. Products include duvet covers and pillowcases and will be made of cotton, linen, percale cotton, satin cotton or other high quality material with high TC (thread count).
    POD Reference: BRFI20170515001

    Titolo: Polish company producing fruit syrups and soft drinks seeks suppliers of juices, components of organic juices, juices not from concentrate and concentrates in bulk packaging
    Descrizione: Polish company manufacturing various concentrated fruit syrups, flavored syrups, fruit drinks and nectars, pasteurized juices etc. is currently seeking suppliers of juices and components of organic juices. They are also seeking NFC (not from concentrate) juices and concentrates. A manufacturing agreement is to be signed.
    POD Reference: BRPL20170413001

    Titolo: Seeking a manufacturer of a laundry hamper and smaller bathroom basket collection, preferably in Europe
    Descrizione: Finnish lifestyle company is seeking manufacturers of a laundry hamper and smaller bathroom baskets, preferably in Europe. The baskets will be produced according to the Finnish brand/company´s design and exclusively for them.
    POD Reference: BRFI20170316001

    Titolo: Manufacturing agreement required with a service partner in Europe for ready to drink chilled coffee.
    Descrizione: An Irish based company now request a suitable manufacturing partner with an emphasis on liquid filling capabilities of the bag in the box process. The manufacturing partner must have the expertise to produce and pre fill liquids under aseptic conditions. All European countries considered excluding the UK.
    This Irish company is developing a sales campaign to promote their brand of chilled coffee for sale in various retail food outlets.
    POD Reference: BRIE20170302001

    Titolo: A SME from Northern Swedish Lapland is looking for a partner for a manufacturing agreement for production of their premium beer products.
    Descrizione: The SME, a small brewery located in Northern Swedish Lapland, develops and produces premium beer products inspired by season, local flavours and the northern spirit. Their product range includes a wide variety of beer styles, everything from IPA (Indian Pale Ale) to adaptations of wild yeast styles such as gose or lambic. All products are developed locally. The SME is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a professional brewery that could manufacture the SME's premium beer products.
    POD Reference: BRSE20170421001

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