Mercati esteri - n° 10 / 2017
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
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    Titolo: Hungarian SME specialized in wholesale of basic materials for food industry seeks new suppliers
    Descrizione: The medium sized enterprise was established in its current form in 2014 in Hungary. Its main activity is wholesale of basic materials for food products and food industrial processes, which are mostly imported from abroad. The company is looking for new suppliers under a distribution services agreement.
    POD Reference: BRHU20170322001

    Titolo: Technologies and Patents to treat celiac disease through diagnostic agents and vaccines
    Descrizione: An italian company, operating in the biotechnology field in South Italy, is looking for entering in contact with research or business entities dealing with research or offering new treatments to cure or make early diagnosis and prevention of the celiac disease. Intellectual property can be acquired under a license agreement or commercial with technical assistance.
    POD Reference: TRIT20170927001

    Titolo: Wine importer from Poland is searching for Italian wine in keg
    Descrizione: A Polish wine importer and distributor who imports wine from all over the world and distributes the wine to hotels and restaurants in Poland, would like to find a winery in Italy which produces sparkling wine in keg. They would like to sign a long-term distribution services agreement.
    POD Reference: BRPL20170726002

    Titolo: Vegetable paper for food packaging
    Descrizione: An Italian SME is planning the launch of a novel product range based on vegetable papers (non-wood paper) to propose more sustainable approach to production cycle and is looking for innovative papers, based on agricultural waste or alternative fibres (such as hemp, flax, sugar cane,...) to be used for primary food packaging. The SME is interested in contacts with paper industries for research or technical agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
    POD Reference: TRIT20171011001

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