Mercati esteri - n° 5 / 2018
le newsletter della Camera di Commercio di Varese
    Titolo: a Lithuanian SME seeking to purchase printing technology for large format printing Descrizione: a Lithuanian design SME is looking to expand their services through purchasing a specialized printing technology enabling the company to provide a wider range of printing services to the customers. Printing technology machine with a maximum resolution of 12000x48000 dpi would help to ensure the company to gain a significant competitive advantage by expanding offered services. The company is looking for a licensing or commercial agreement with a technical support. 
    POD Reference: TRLT20180314001 
    Gran Bretagna 
    Titolo: UK London based umbrella manufacturer seeking manufacturing agreement to produce specialist printed and cut fabric using sublimation techniques and laser printing Descrizione: UK London based specialist umbrella maker with over 200 years of experience  and working with high end designers seeks manufacturing agreement  to print using textile dye sublimation on fabric roles and laser cutting of umbrella panels. 
    POD Reference: BRUK20170907001
    Titolo: a Finnish home decor company is looking for a manufacturer of hometextile products with access to digital printing of fabrics 
    Descrizione: a small Finnish design company offering home decoration and gift products is looking to enter into a manufacturing agreement with a manufacturer of hometextile products that has access to digital printing of natural fabrics, preferably ecological fabrics and is located in the European Union. 
    POD Reference: BRFI20180417001

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